Creating Solutions for Enhancing Financial Well-being of Nigerian Citizens<

Creating Solutions for Enhancing Financial Well-being of Nigerian Citizens

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The Union Bank Centenary Innovation Challenge

Union Bank, one of Nigeria's most respected financial institutions, has kicked off celebrations to mark its 100th anniversary in Nigeria having been established in 1917. The bank has embarked on a transformation programme to reposition Union Bank with the objective of becoming a leading provider of quality financial services in Nigeria.

Given our long standing service to individuals and communities of Nigeria, we could not ignore the financial instability and lack of consumer support in our niche. We work hard on researching business innovations and taking up decisions which would positively affect our consumer experience and strengthen their trust in our activity. Using the practice we gathered as a starting point, we are developing a financial service program aiming to match all consumers pockets. By building partnerships with international institutions and making Nigeria a part of it, we finally found the best way to obtain the opportunities we have been looking for: reasonably priced financial products like financial products like online payday no credit check.

The financial solutions Union Bank is aiming towards will be customized for Nigerians and targeted on consumers with high debt-to-income ratio. These possibilities will allow consumers to manage the budgets with greater ease, cover the debts and consider a new solution in case of financial emergencies. Our institution is considering the following services:

  • Personal loans
  • Payday loans (Cash advances)
  • Title loans
  • Pawnshop loans
  • Payday alternative loans
  • Home equity loans
  • Home equity lines of credit
  • Credit card cash advances

Consumers considering some of the mentioned plans can get assistance and access our free consulting sessions with our field experts able to answer any query and guide you through the chosen service. Our bank is highly interested in having a well informed audience which can bear the responsibility of any financial decision taken.

Union Bank is planning to expand its information access and launch several finance literacy guides with the purpose of providing the population with must-know verified information any Nigeria citizen should process.

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